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Fluid State

Fluid state is an experimental ongoing art project, focusing on glass as a prime material seen through the eyes of a musician, Erik Lindeborg, an animator, Kaoru Furuko and an artist/curator Diana Butucariu.

The work of the three artists emphasises characteristics of glass such as materiality, audibility and fluidity with the use of generative sound design, stop-motion animation and object making. The exhibition offers a rich and vivid audio-visual experience which aims to realise the mythical fluid state of the glass.

The exhibition explores illusions of movement in cold glass; a resemblance to the primordial state of the material, a substance continually deforming and flowing, a state that the glass retains in its molecular structure as it cools.

Glass is made from sand and other materials, including silica, soda ash and limestone, that are melted together at very high temperature. We consider glass a solid but on an atomic level it looks more like a liquid, its atoms all jumbled up, like in a FLUID STATE.

Through their different backgrounds and experiences, with various work processes but with similar perspective and impressions, the artists deconstruct the glass matter, leaving it sometimes in an invisible stage, immaterial and presented only through its reflection, shadow or incognoscible, unspecific sounds.

The project is supported by:
The Visual Artists' Union of Romania (U.A.P) Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee Lucian Butucariu

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