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Salonul Magic

Salonul Magic is a collaboration with the Swedish piano player Erik Lindeborg. All the efforts put in this project are guided by a common aim of the two, a closer connection between Sweden and Romania through the field of art. 

     The project started in the winter of 2011 after a visit to a small city in the middle of Transylvania called Sighișoara. Erik, deeply impressed after the trip, in a few days composed ten fantastic songs that over one year have been recorded, mixed, printed and packed in a colored pop-up cover made by Diana. The first event of the project took place in Stockholm in the cozy Lederman Theater during a hard Swedish winterstorm. Diana’s exhibition, Erik’s music and some Romanian traditional food warmed and delighted the guests until midnight. As Erik wrote in the cd booklet “I think it will be an amazing year”, the collaboration continued. In the spring of 2013 they engaged and inspired each other to a second event, Salonul Magic 2. New art pieces and musical compositions were created and showed in the most suitable place from Stockholm, the Jazzistan music club.

Over two years, Salonul Magic project has been going forward only with trust, appreciation and encouragement and all the support from friends and family. 

For all that, I, Diana Butucariu, see this project as an amazing journey where we can build up many other stops and I want to thank  Erik and everyone that has believed in it.

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